TCL Products

"We Thrive On Design"

We offer an impressive collection of specialized supplies for all your cable management needs. We also have ballast retention boards that are stackable and customisable to suit your requirements.  Many of our products are recognised within the rail industry and can integrate with existing infrastructure including concrete troughing. Our top-selling range is made from locally sourced plastic waste.  All of our products are purposely designed to excel in every way from reducing CO2 expenditure through to fast and safe installation. We already have over 1 Million of our products in use within the UK with many more marked for future global projects. We have also produced 'project-specific' items for the North American market. If your project requires something different to what is listed, then please get in touch. After all, we thrive on design and are always on hand to discuss possibilities. Your problem is our solution.

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TroTrof - Cable Troughing Units
Tro Trof 280 Canadian Recycled Polymer T
TroTrof 280
Tro Trof 400 Canadian Recycled Polymer C
TroTrof 400
Tro Trof W Canadian Recycled Polymer Tro
TroTrof W Trof 
TroTrof - UK Spec Cable Troughing Units
C1-9 (2).png
TroTrof C1/9
C1-43 (2).png
TroTrof C1/43
TroTrof - Walkway with Cable Management Systems
TroBord - Adaptable Ballast Retention System