C1/9 Cable Troughing

Features & Benefits

Trojan has developed TroTrof products to be interchangeable with concrete troughs and has identified a polymer, which is economical and has high performance. 


Trojan products are made from high specification industry waste, the polymer is 100% recycled plastic products and can be recycled after its useful life, which has shown to exceed 50 - 100 years.  For life expired units or from installers offcuts there is a recycling option to recover costs, part of whole life benefits.


Trojan’s TroTrof was awarded the prize for innovation at the Network Rail Environment Awards in July 2008.


The recycled polymer material and trough design have the following advantages:

  • Strength exceeds concrete product

  • Almost five times lighter than concrete reducing transport and handling cost

  • Accelerated life test greatly exceeds NR specification life expectancy

  • Reduced maintenance time and effort     

  • Reduced fatigue and injuries allowing ease of installation

  • Can be walked on without concern for damage

  • Smooth friction-free internal trough surfaces improving cable life 

  • Due to their lids there is no need for Cable Pulling 

  • Can easily be installed on embankments, cuttings, or over bridges allowing greater engineering flexibility

  • It can be cut using a handsaw or powered tool but does not produce high noise levels, toxic fumes or dust

  • Made locally in the UK, unlike other copycat products. Therefore no shipping, foreign exchange risk or delivery delays.   


Although Trojan products achieve all concerning NR strict fire resistance requirements for non-concrete products, limitations mean it cannot be used in substations or tunnels.

TroTrof C1/9 polymer troughing has Network Rail product approval since September 2008. PADS certificate PA05/02512


For product enquiries and orders please call 01302 888666 or email (using the button below) our TroTrack Composites  Team at our UK Distributor Trackworks Ltd