Leading The Way in Innovation

Our inquisitive minds have led the way to where we are today. TCL constantly looks for ways to innovate and improve product performance and deliverability. Taking its motivation from health, safety, environment, and sustainability, the TCL team work with clients to improve existing products and develop new ones for benefit of the end-user.  


Recognised by the Industry

All of TSL’s cable troughing products and ballast boards have won Innovation and Design awards which is carried forward into every TCL product. TCL is committed to a continuous programme of innovation for existing and new products. An example of this is the development of polymer fabrication of non-standard products to ensure the projects can overcome local “fitting/installation” issues.


TroPath won National Recycling Awards, Best Recycled Product of the Year Award 2017.

TroPath is our latest innovation and we are proud to announce that although yet to be released.

plastic awards.jpg

Winner of the Plastics Industry Award for Industrial Product Design 2011 


Winner of the Network Rail Environmental Award for Innovation 2008 & Winner of the Network Rail Partnership Award for Innovation 2010

Wellens Winning 2017.jpg

Ruth, Stewart and Charlotte Wellens plus Philip and Scott from FSW jointly celebrating their win at the MRW National Recycling Awards in 2017

TRO-PATH 10.png

Conceptual Rendering of TroPath. 

Please note TroPath is not available yet but can be created swiftly for the right project. 

Installation Advantages

No Heavy machinery needed. Every product can be handled by 1 person. The only exception is a completed TroTred which requires a 2 person lift. 

✔ None abrasive surfaces. This not only protects the handler from abrasion injuries but also protects the cabling it's meant to contain. This prevents cable sheath wear from friction when cables are energised.  

✔ The simpler the better. Our patented fitting systems means that each unit locks permanently together with the minimum of fuss.  

Lids are fitted during the layout of the route. This creates the following advantages:

✔ Saves double handling.

✔ Keeps a clean route, ie. no ballast,  litter, site waste etc, that must be removed from the route before cable laying, saving a cleaning task.

✔ Saves another site visit to layout concrete lids before laying cables. Making cable laying quicker using our troughs.

TroPath LOW RES IMAGE 1.jpg

Conceptual Rendering of TroPath Interior & Clip System

Injury prevention. Our polymer lids remove the handling issues with concrete lids cause many accidents and injury to installers.

✔ Insulation protection to earth. Prevents immediate outage should a cable become damaged. 

No harmful dust produced if cut, they also remove the need for fuel-powered tools for onsite modifications to provide the perfect fit when dealing with connections into lineside equipment.

✔ TSL also provides hollow sleepers for cross tracking of cables avoiding under track excavations; T Pieces to exit cables from the cable route and expansion joints for areas where the cable route has to cross structure expansion gaps.


TroTred being handled during an installation session

Semi-Automated installation. Our subsidiary company TroTrof Composites utilised a Hi-Rail system which achieved rapid installation rates of 500m+ per day. When compared to typical concrete at 50m per day then this leads to a massive time and cost-saving that can't be ignored.

✔  All of the above factors have led to a streamlined process from the factory floor to the final fitting. Creating a proven overall CO2 reduction of 80%+. 

The swift installation process also creates exceptionally easy maintenance throughout the systems useable life. 

Hi Rail.jpg

Semi-Auto installation Hi-Rail unit utilised on the REM Project.

TCL undertook great in-depth research to understand the many concerns aired by the sub-contractors responsible for installation. Health and Safety have always been of great concern. After listening to the common issues and injuries, we set out to make sure all of our products addressed these problems. These solutions are:

✔ The lightweight design means they are easily loaded, transported and installed at greater volumes than any concrete equivalent. This results in a major reduction in logistical costs and delivery delays.

TRO-PATH 12.png

Conceptual Rendering of TroPath.

We understand that you need a solution.

One that not only meets all the technical requirements and is cost-competitive for the initial CAPEX, but you also need a solution that enables maintenance to be performed more efficiently on a whole of life Net Present Value (NPV) analysis.

The TCL solution, therefore, comes with a 30-year warranty, with a projected design life far greater than the initial 30 years. This provides you the full confidence in your maintenance teams when estimating maintenance and life cycle costs during the bid phase.

Some other key benefits of using a TCL system versus a concrete troughing unit.

• High-quality product, which is not susceptible to concrete inefficiencies such as chips and cracks

• Lightweight cover 8kg on largest trough – therefore equipment is not required to lift off when working in a live rail environment

• New and Evolved lockable cover for security