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TCL's conceptions are materialised by a key partner, FSW Design. They breathe life into our ideas by creating intensely detailed renderings. These, in turn, can be used to actualise the design by producing the CAD files for fabrication. 


Our Innovations and Design team will meet with any projects design team so that we can intimately understand your needs. Should one of our existing products not suit the job, then we will set out to create a solution that meets or exceeds customer satisfaction.


This tried and tested approach has been used to create award-winning solutions for the UK industries, with over 1,000,000 products in use as we speak.  


Trojan were asked to generate a selection of concept designs to showcase new ideas and development opportunities for a 700mm wide walkway and cable trough route with a nominal 200mm depth. 

Within this TSL were asked to compare capital cost of new products with existing products, together with a comparison of carbon cost of any new products compared to existing TroTrof units and concrete equivalent products. An important factor to the client was sustainability. Trojan commissioned a life cycle assessment from Ricardo Environmental Consultancy to determine the life span comparison of new product(s) with existing concrete. 

Using Trojan’s expertise of supplying polymer, injection moulded cable troughing to the rail industry, the team presented TroPath as their final submission. It has been accepted by the client and Trojan look forward to delivering another award-winning product to the rail network. 

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Montreal- REM Project

Trotrof Composites Limited (TCL) secured a major contract to supply the Montreal Réseau express métropolitain project with polymer cable troughs. Having been contacted by the alliance project team in early 2018, TCL engaged with the client’s design engineering department to design three bespoke cable trough solutions to overcome several engineering issues, which included:

• Drainage – on elevated sections

• Operating temperatures (-45c > +70c)

• Architectural aesthetics for downtown elevated sections

• Cable separation – power / fibre optics etc.

• Installation in ballast and onto concrete decking


In the process of achieving the correct solutions, our engineering team designed three new products (see for details). From design sign-off to first deliveries took approximately 4 months, enabling the project to commence installation of their test track on time. Having delivered 50,000 units to date there has been zero quality issues with a 100% acceptance of products at site. Zero HSE or breakages. We provide dedicated logistics support working closely with the project for just in time deliveries and stock management.

The success of the Montreal project exhibits TCL’s ability to meet innovation challenges and success in delivering large scale programmes whilst keeping our nimble model. The team is constantly seeking new opportunities to innovate and design for new and existing clients. We pride ourselves in never having failed a challenge to innovate new products.